Michael Bland

Michael / Mike / Mikes / Mikey

An edit of me.

An edit of me.

I'm Michael Bland, a creative person with an IT background.

I'm good with most technical things, I've been staying up past my bed time for almost 20 years being generally fascinated with things that beep and whir. I've done a lot of small company IT support and a bit of big blue chip. I love Linux and fiddling with hardware. I started my further education a little late after working during the .com boom.  I finished a BA in Photography & Journalism in 2015 and since then have finding ways to combine my technical and creative skills.


I've been published in newspapers, sold prints, shot weddings and can fly drones commercially. Whilst I have the capabilities to produce to a professional standard I have learned to respect the best.  My colleagues at Remoteview and I will create something of the highest standard to fit your specification.


I love reading and politics and I'm not short on opinions or ideas although I try to be gentle with them, I love all kinds of people. I'm quite an active person, I love running and doing things on water. I like carrying things around and have an irrational dislike of wheelie bags.

Below Is a sample of some my favorite work, to see or read more of my stuff use the social buttons at the bottom. You can also email me on mike@michaelbland.co.uk

Cheers :)